Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Food as Art: Cookies

I came across this great blog, Kuidaore, via OhJoy this morning and am totally in awe of these cookies! The decoration rivals some of the best textile/pattern design out there! And to think- all perfectly "drawn" with icing! Now... I wonder if they taste as good as they look!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wanted & Found: Crib Bedding

Banana Fish: Ashbury, Cocoa and Latte Bedding Sets
(what I wanted!)

Skip Hop: Geo Jax, Circles and Mod Box Bedding Sets
(I bought Mod Box!)

CRB arrived in early January and I knew he would be sleeping next to me in a co-sleeper for at least 6-8 weeks so that gave me a little extra time to find the perfect bedding for his room. Truth be told, G & I did very little to his room before his arrival besides paint the wall in mint green and build his crib. We had also purchased a simple wooden dresser from Ikea that we painted white to match his crib. During the 9+ months of being pregnant I lusted after Banana Fish bedding for my baby-to-be. However, they were not in my price range. So, the search began for great bedding at a great price. (Not easy!!!) I knew I didn't want anything with a "character theme" and I thought a simple polka dot or stripe would be easy to come across. Not so! (Had CRB been a girl it would've been a bit easier!) I had looked at Babies R Us before since I had gotten a lot of gift certificates there- maybe I didn't see it, maybe it was sold out- but when I returned in February to get a much needed rocker, I found the perfect set! I bought the "Mod Box" Style and ended up going with a "green" theme for Cooper's room. "Green" meaning different shades of the color for accents and art! His room is still under construction but as soon as it's photo-worthy I'll post 'em!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Atlanta On Our Minds

Ok. So, I haven't posted since October of last year... that's because... I had a baby! (more on that later...) I wanted to let you female Atlanta locals in on this women's networking group called Atlanta On Our Minds I am going to check out next month. The organizer describes the group like this, "Whether you are a single gal starting in a new career, a mom that needs a hand or some advice, or a business owner thats looking to grow your business we would LOVE to have you!!" If you are interested please leave me a comment and I'll get you all the information! So far the group seems to be shaping up nicely with real estate agents, financial "people", interior and graphic designers and more! So, if you're looking to network- join us!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eat: Taste of Atlanta 2007

This weekend {10/13 & 10/14} check out the Taste of Atlanta held at Atlantic Sation! Check the link for a complete list of participating restaurants & cool cooking demos. Tickets are $25 ahead / $35 day of so if you think you want to go, grab your tix now. The entry fee will get you "10 tickets" and food items will be "priced" from 1-3 tickets... There's a good chance you'll buy additional tickets- I never said this would be cheap! Enjoy!

J. Ritter Designs at Poppytalk Handmade

The great Poppytalk Blog just launched their new online site- Poppytalk Handmade on October 1st! It's full of great handmade things for your home or yourself! J. Ritter Designs could not be happier to be a part of this great idea! Check out our "table" here.
Jan {of Poppytalk} has been religiously posting about great handmade finds on Etsy {and other locations on the www} and decided to consolidate her findings in this great new site. She found that many of her "finds" sold out completely after she posted about them! If you're in the market for something unique for yourself or a friend- definitely check out the new site!

Friday, September 7, 2007

My yoga mat is my second home

So when my beloved mat was literally disintegrating onto the floor of my new yoga studio and leaving little blue pillies all over my back during class I knew that it was going to be time to part. In all honesty, the mat had distinct hand and feet prints permanently etched into them from the wear. I bought this mat in Philly at my old beloved studio and even went so far as to ask the owner to ship me a new one because this mat that I owned is made in Germany and no on-line retailer seemed to be carrying it... And, Steve's price was totally right - he sells them for $35. {So, if you live in Philly and need a mat hit up PPY!} Anyway, I'd been eyeballing the Jade Harmony Mats that my new studio sells. But at $56 I'm thinking- what is the extra $21 for- cool color options? {My old mat comes in blue or purple- period!} While these Harmony mats have a wide variety of color options- sure to please! At a quick glance these mats physically looked different- they had a smoother surface to them. As an avid power yogi I'm concerned with function- not fashion- there can be no feet or hand slippage- period! Long story short- I got tired of e-mail/phone tag with PPY and with shipping I was looking at close to $45 so I decided to take a chance on my new teacher {whom I totally HEART by the way} and take her recommendation of the Jade Harmony Mat. I got the chic color of the season- chocolate {of course} and laid it out for trial #1. All I can say to end this post is I have a new favorite- it may be more $$ but it's totally worth it! And you get your choice of colors. I'll never go back! My hour and a half of heaven two to three times a week just got dreamier!

No Green Thumb?

Don't worry! These flowers require assembly but no water to survive! I'm one of those people that always wants to add the bouquet of fresh flowers to my cart at the grocery store- and sometimes I do! But, more often then not that $20 goes towards dinner... So, I've been checking out these paper flower kits at paper source and martha and I think I am ready to tackle one! Beautiful pops of color for my growing collection of vases with no need to worry about water or replacement!