Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wanted & Found: Crib Bedding

Banana Fish: Ashbury, Cocoa and Latte Bedding Sets
(what I wanted!)

Skip Hop: Geo Jax, Circles and Mod Box Bedding Sets
(I bought Mod Box!)

CRB arrived in early January and I knew he would be sleeping next to me in a co-sleeper for at least 6-8 weeks so that gave me a little extra time to find the perfect bedding for his room. Truth be told, G & I did very little to his room before his arrival besides paint the wall in mint green and build his crib. We had also purchased a simple wooden dresser from Ikea that we painted white to match his crib. During the 9+ months of being pregnant I lusted after Banana Fish bedding for my baby-to-be. However, they were not in my price range. So, the search began for great bedding at a great price. (Not easy!!!) I knew I didn't want anything with a "character theme" and I thought a simple polka dot or stripe would be easy to come across. Not so! (Had CRB been a girl it would've been a bit easier!) I had looked at Babies R Us before since I had gotten a lot of gift certificates there- maybe I didn't see it, maybe it was sold out- but when I returned in February to get a much needed rocker, I found the perfect set! I bought the "Mod Box" Style and ended up going with a "green" theme for Cooper's room. "Green" meaning different shades of the color for accents and art! His room is still under construction but as soon as it's photo-worthy I'll post 'em!

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