Friday, September 7, 2007

My yoga mat is my second home

So when my beloved mat was literally disintegrating onto the floor of my new yoga studio and leaving little blue pillies all over my back during class I knew that it was going to be time to part. In all honesty, the mat had distinct hand and feet prints permanently etched into them from the wear. I bought this mat in Philly at my old beloved studio and even went so far as to ask the owner to ship me a new one because this mat that I owned is made in Germany and no on-line retailer seemed to be carrying it... And, Steve's price was totally right - he sells them for $35. {So, if you live in Philly and need a mat hit up PPY!} Anyway, I'd been eyeballing the Jade Harmony Mats that my new studio sells. But at $56 I'm thinking- what is the extra $21 for- cool color options? {My old mat comes in blue or purple- period!} While these Harmony mats have a wide variety of color options- sure to please! At a quick glance these mats physically looked different- they had a smoother surface to them. As an avid power yogi I'm concerned with function- not fashion- there can be no feet or hand slippage- period! Long story short- I got tired of e-mail/phone tag with PPY and with shipping I was looking at close to $45 so I decided to take a chance on my new teacher {whom I totally HEART by the way} and take her recommendation of the Jade Harmony Mat. I got the chic color of the season- chocolate {of course} and laid it out for trial #1. All I can say to end this post is I have a new favorite- it may be more $$ but it's totally worth it! And you get your choice of colors. I'll never go back! My hour and a half of heaven two to three times a week just got dreamier!

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katiwithanilovesyou said...

jessica!!!! looks like you're having fun in atl. i'm now working a whopping 6 days a week, 5 at viv pickle, (do you remember it? they make custom handbags, i start the job tomorrow!) and then 1 day a week in the burbs at an auction house, which is a blast.

i hope that ALL is well with you!!!! i'll be in touch.